Saturday, December 17, 2016

Food Trends in 2017

What new food trends might we see in 2017?  Many food websites are making predictions for trends you will see in 2017.  Here are some of them.
Eat This, Not That is predicting these 2017 Food Trends:
  1. Sour Dough bread – if you like it, great as you will be seeing more sour dough bread in 2017.  Eat This, Not That believes it is because sour dough bread is fine to eat for those who are sensitive to gluten.  (But still not fine for those who are gluten intolerant.)  And some experts say the bacteria in sour dough bread is great for your digestive system, so enjoy every bite.
  2. Spices – what’s so new about spices?  McCormick notes that in 2017 we will be enjoying even more spicy foods like more peppercorn will be spicing up restaurant menus.
  3.  Move over regular pasta and make way for alternative pasta – many of us have already enjoyed zucchini noodles, quinoa-based noodles but more varieties are forthcoming in 2017.
Environmental Nutrition:  Food Trends in 2017
  1. More Healthy Fats – for the longest time we have heard, “Cut the Fat”.  In 2017 we will be hearing, “Add the Healthy Fat”.   We will be told to include more healthy fats in our diets, such as nuts, olive oil, avocados and seeds like flax seed.  You will be seeing more products – snacks, cereals, and snack bars that have healthy fats.
  2. Snacking – how often do people say, “Snacks are Bad for You”.  But snacks can have a very important role to play, especially for kids as they have small stomachs and kids need snacks between meals.  The focus in 2017 will be on healthy snacks – whole grain foods like whole grain crackers, whole grain chips (Sun Chips anyone?), nuts, and vegetables. 
  3. Healthier Convenience Foods – many people are looking for foods easier to prepare and eat on the go.  Already we are seeing grab and go foods like salads, or fruit and cheese.   Expect to see more of these grab-and-go convenience foods but healthier options will be available.
  4. Less sugar – a lot of attention is being placed on cutting back on added sugars – not the sugar in foods naturally like the fructose in an apple, but the added sugars like all the sugar in a soda.  Expect to see more products in 2017 with less added sugar which is a great thing for our health.
Huffington Post – not a peer reviewed journal but the senior editor, Julie R. Thomson has made some food trend predictions for 2017.  Her predictions are based on the Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants predictions for 2017.
  1.  Spice it up – this is a good trend as spices are so healthy and full of antioxidants.   
  2. Lean meats – look for restaurants offering lean meat cuts of elk and venison.
  3. Mediterranean cuisine – this is also a healthy trend as the Mediterranean Diet is a very healthy way of eating.   
Great that 2017 will be focusing on old favorites like sour dough bread and new items like healthier convenience foods.  Let’s see how many of these food predictions come true in 2017. 

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