Sunday, December 4, 2016

Diet Chocolate?

Chocolate was in the news this week.  Nestle is planning to reformulate chocolate to make it lower in calories.  Who doesn’t love chocolate?  And more recently they have discovered chocolate actually has many health benefits.   But the downside has been that chocolate is often loaded with sugar and fat which somewhat negates its health benefits.  So, what does Nestle plan to do to make chocolate lower in calories?

Nestle will lower the sugar content in chocolate.
Lowering the sugar content sounds good from a calorie and health perspective but not from a taste perspective. 

How can Nestle lower the sugar content but keep the taste?
Restructure the Sugar Molecule: Nestle has found a way to basically reform the sugar crystal, making it hollow on the inside.  But one still gets the sweet taste from the hollowed-out sugar crystal so they say the reduced sugar chocolate will still taste sweet.  The Nestle technology officer explained it this way, the new sugar crystal is like an empty shoe box.  The sugar is on the outside but no sugar on the inside.  The sugar on the outside dissolves in the mouth and there is less sugar to go into your stomach. 

When will the reduced-calorie chocolate be available?
Nestle has a target date of 2018.  So, no reduced calorie chocolate as gifts this holiday season. 

How much of a calorie reduction will there be?

Nestle estimates as much as a 40% reduction in calories – a lot. 

What products will be made from the reduced calorie chocolate?

Nestle indicated the new sugar crystals will be in Crunch, Butterfinger, and BabyRuth bars beginning in 2018.
Unfortunately, we will have to wait awhile before we can buy and enjoy our reduced calorie chocolate.   Chocolate lovers will welcome this new trend. 

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