Sunday, August 6, 2017

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day.  But, most people say they don’t have time for breakfast.  Some solutions?  Fast food for breakfast?  Yes, you can drive through or pop in and get some pretty healthy food.  Or, when grocery shopping, pick up some breakfast items you can take with you on the drive to work, on the train to work or to eat quickly at your desk before work starts for the day.  The Business Insider has a great article on healthy breakfasts you can order at fast-food restaurants.  Who doesn’t like fast-food?   

      Healthy Breakfasts to order at fast-food restaurants with suggestions from Business Insider and other healthy foods to choose for breakfast.
     1.  Panera – a favorite restaurant of mine for a healthy lunch.  But stop in for breakfast and order the:
a.       Power Almond Oatmeal at 290 calories.  Oatmeal is whole grain so always a healthy choice, as is quinoa.  The almonds add protein and a healthy fat to the meal.  It is a good idea to have protein at breakfast and this meal choice offers 9 grams of protein.  And this breakfast choice is low in sodium and low in fat.
2.  Subway – another favorite of mine for a great sandwich.  For breakfast, you can choose:
a.       Egg and Cheese Sandwich – at 360 calories.  Choose the flatbread and some veggies.  This packs in even more protein at 19 grams.  It has 12 grams of fat so a little more than the oatmeal choice.  Higher in sodium at 860 mg, so don’t add any more salt to this choice.
      3.  McDonald’s -  My favorite fast-food breakfast is a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin.  I hold the “butter” that really isn’t butter, buy some juice and milk or black coffee and it is quite a tasty and fairly healthy fast-food breakfast. 
a.       Egg McMuffin at 300 calories.  A good amount of protein at 17 grams.  I find when I eat an Egg McMuffin, it has staying power and I am not as hungry later in the morning.  Again, it does provide a lot of sodium, 730 mg.  So, don’t add more salt to this choice.

b.       Fruit and Yogurt Parfait – only 150 calories, low in fat at only 2 grams and offers some protein at 4 grams.  A low sodium choice at only 75 mg. 
   4.  Starbucks – many people go to Starbucks just for coffee or tea.  But you can stop in for breakfast, just skip the muffins and scones.
a.       Spinach and Feta Wrap – 290 calories.  Good source of protein at 19 grams.  Some fat at 10 grams but just enough to be filling.  Again, a good amount of sodium at 830 mg.  So forgo the salt shaker.
   5.  Dunkin’ Donuts – in case you haven’t heard, Dunkin’ Donuts may become just “Dunkin’”.  If you can go there for coffee and not the donuts, you can try the Egg White Flatbread.
a.       Egg White Flatbread – only 280 calories, 15 grams of protein and not too much fat at 9 grams.  Lower in sodium than some other options at 690 mg.
   6.  Burger King - drive through and order the:
a.       Muffin Egg and Cheese – tempting to add other ingredients like sausage, but don’t.  Fairly low in calories at 260 calories.  Good amount of protein at 13 grams.  Fat is 11 grams.  Sodium on the high side at 830 mg.  So again, skip the salt shaker.  OK to add pepper but no more salt.
    7. Chick -Fil-A – stop in and choose the Greek Yogurt Parfait.
a.       Greek Yogurt Parfait – only 160 calories so won’t fill you up but a good choice. You will need to add something to this meal to add some calories.  Think whole grain bagel, whole grain muffin or hard-boiled egg that you brought with you.  Provides 8 grams of protein, less than some of the above choices but a good amount.  Low in fat at 5 grams and low in sodium at only 65 mg.
b.       Egg White Grill – not available at all Chick-Fil-A locations but if your location may offer it.  300 calories, a good 25 grams of protein.  Not too much fat at 7 grams. The English muffin is multi-grain, not 100% whole grain but does contain some whole wheat flour.   Pretty high in sodium at 970 mg.
c.       Fruit Cup – add the fruit cup to your Egg White Grill and you added a lot of nutrition but not a lot of calories at only 45 calories. 
The Business Insider article offers a few more breakfast suggestions so check it out.  Many nutritionists say to avoid fast-food restaurants.  But I like some fast-food.  And if you are traveling or in a hurry, stopping in for one of the above healthier fast-food choices is a lot better than no breakfast at all. 

Greek Yogurt Parfait