Sunday, October 5, 2014

New Soda/Pop coming your way

A few years back I saw the CEO of PepsiCo being interviewed on CNBC.  She said her goal was to make snack foods healthier.  Yeah, right.   Not too long after I noticed Sun Chips.   A whole grain chip made with a heart healthy oil.  Back then Frito Lay also began producing Doritos and Fritos that were whole grain.  But for some reason they no longer are.  But she continued to produce Frito-Lay chips with hearth healthier oils.  So now what is Indra Nooyi the CEO of Pepsi up to?  She now wants to cut down on the sugar in the sodas Pepsi produces so that Americans who are soda drinkers will get  less sugar in their diets.  Time magazine said she is putting “PepsiCo on an innovation diet”.  
Pepsi  True – a new lower sugar Soda, coming to stores in October.  Good bye high fructose corn syrup and hello sugar (sucrose).  But less sugar as Stevia will also be added.   And good bye 12 ounces, the new soda will come in a 7.5 ounce can.   Calories, 60 calories a can compared to 250 calories in the 20 ounce Pepsi that people drink. 
Good for You? No sugared soda is good for you, but lessening the added sugar in your diet would be a good thing.  And, there is no high fructose corn syrup in Pepsi True so that is another bonus.
Bad for You?  If you can do without sugared sodas, that would be the best.  But if you regularly drink Pepsi or Coke then Pepsi True would be a healthier choice.
Pepsi True is already on Pepsi’s website and they state:
                Coming Soon….A new kind of cola made for True carefree enjoyment. All the fun you love about Pepsi with 30% less sugar than regular Pepsi and no artificial sweeteners.”
They say it doesn’t have any artificial sweetener.   True, Stevia comes from leaves of a shrub but it is a sugar substitute. 

Some are praising Pepsi for at least attempting to cut back on the added sugar many Americans consume with soda.  Others, say this is just a ploy to stem the tide of falling soda sales.   But I do have to hand it to her, she is making an attempt at making the junk food healthier.  Yes, fresh fruit, low fat milk, lean meat, vegetables are all much better to eat for one’s health.  But if you eat chips, Frito-Lay chips can be a healthier choice.  If you drink sugared sodas, then Pepsi True would be a healthier alternative than regular Pepsi. 

Sources:  Indra Nooyi, The Big Soda boss is pledging a less sugary future.  Time, October 13, 2014  Image Source:  Pepsi True

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